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Carpet Rug Tile Floor Care and Restoration
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Carpet Steam Cleaning using Truck Mounted Units

Our 7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process includes
1. Vacuum
2. Spot and Stain Treatment
3. Pre-Spray
4. Agitatation to loosen soil
5. Carpet Steam Cleaning
6. Grooming
7. Deodorise. 
Carpet Protector optional
Why Change your Carpet when you can Repair it

Our Services include
1. Carpet BURN repairs
2. Carpet Bleach spots 
3. Carpet SEAM repairs
4. Carpet Dyeing
5. Carpet Re-stretching
6. Carpet patching
7. Carpet stain removal
8. Carpet steam cleaning
9. Carpet installation, laying
10. Carpet tiles 
11. Dry wet carpets 
Persian, Oriental, Afghan, Pakistani, Indian, Qom, 
Silk, Wool, Polyester, Shag Rug Cleaning 

Rug Cleaning using 
1. Truck mounted Steam 
Cleaning Units, or 
2. OUR 7 Step Rug Tub Wash
Rug Repairs for your loved and precious rugs

Our Services include
1. Overlocking
2. Stitching
3. Backing repairs
4. Non-slip backing
5. Fringe repairs

Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Travertine, Bluestone, Teracotta, Mosaic, Tile Cleaning 

We clean tiles indoor and 
outdoor. The turbo Spinner cleans tiles with high efficiency leaving your tiles looking like
new. Grout Cleaning and Mould
Remediation Service available

Water Flood Wind Storm Rain Damage

Burst Pipe? Bathtub overflow? Leaking roof? 
Severe Rain? Flood Damage can happen to 
anyone, without any notice.

At Golfers Putt we will Restore water damaged Carpet Rugs Floor Walls Quickly and Efficiently. 
We will deal with the insurance company
for you if required.
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"When Bleach spilt on my brand new carpet I was almost in tears. Thanks to Golfers Putt Carpet Care, they took care of it. Wow., I cannot even see the repair"

Sandra Mellins, Black Rock

"I was on holidays and my sister house sat our home. A main water pipe burst flooding the entire home. Golfers Putt Restoration extracted the water, dried our carpets and dealt with the insurance for us. When we returned, it was like it had never happened"

Timothy Johnson, Point Cook

"I had a sentimental rug which my dog attacked!, the fringes were all gone and parts of it bitten off. My rug was repaired efficiently and professionally. I love my new rugs!"

Sarah McIntyre, Melbourne

"In the recent storms, water leaked into the main lounge room from gutter overflow. Golfers Putt, attended, quickly, efficiently, and dried our carpets, and saved our timber floorboards. Thank you, I hope i won't need you again, but if I do, I will call you back"

Ramya Chavda, Tarneit

"We live in Echuca and were affected severely with the floods. After the water subsided, there was a mess in the house and everything was wet. Thank you for your great service. We are not back to pre-floods! Its like they never happened!"

Mohammed Ahmed, Echuca

"The bathroom had some black speckles on the ceiling, I thought it was just dirt! It got bigger before I knew it, half the ceiling was covered in mould. Mould remediation service by Golfers Putt was great. Thank you

Patricia Mossey, Frankston

"I got an iron burn on the carpet of the rental property. Thanks for fixing the iron burn and the landlord did not even notice it when he came in for the routine inspection!".

Michael Phelice, Geelong

"Our cat scratched the carpet and pulled lots of threads out and made a hole. Wow amazing repair by Golfers Putt. Highly recommend them"

Felicity Gregorious, Sunbury

"The water pipe behind the shower burst gushing water down the wall to downstairs. Golfers Putt did it all, the crew consisted of plumbers, plasterers, painters, flood restorers. A one shop stop."

Shankar Kaur, Carnegie

"Vinlyl floor repair done and there was no need to replace the entire vinyl section in our childcare centre"

Jacqueline Simonis, Essendon

"Thanks for installing vinyl in our renovated supermarket, quickly, efficiently and hassle free"

Anthony Salvatore, Dandenong
Carpet Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning
Water Damage Restoration
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Carpet Repairs

Rug Repairs
Mould is a Health Hazard. It can cause, eye,
nose, throat lung irritation, cough, skin rash, 
headaches, fatigue, fever, congestion. Get 
a Professional Mould Remediation Specialist
to take care of your Mould Problems.

Got a Bad Odour? 
We have the latest
equipment to neutralise
and eliminate the odours
in your home, office,
business, building, garage
Mould and Odour Control
We complete all your Tile needs

Our Services include
1. Tiling
2. Tile Stripping
3. Tile Sealing
4. Tile Polishing
5. Tile Removal
6. Re-Grouting
7. Caulking
8. Floor Preparation
Tile Care
Everything you need in Floors

Our Services include
1. Vinyl floor repairs, installation
2. Lino floor repairs, installation
3. Laminate floor repairs, installation
4. Floating floor installation
5. Parquetry installation, polish
6. Solid Timber floorboards
7. Anything flooring, we can do
Floor Care